Greetings traveler. I hope that you're sitting uncomfortably, be it in your armchair, sofa or beanbag (if that's how you choose to live
your life).

I am Davide Cavuoto (aka Dos), illustrator, designer, author, musician, visionary, dream weaver plus actor. 

I have been drawing for many years and have completed honors in design & illustration. 
During this time I was incredibly lucky to have been mentored by;
Chris Edser, David Blaiklok and Ana-Maria.

I choose to spend large portions of my time following an illustrative path, if this were a video game my relevant stats / talent points would be spent on (out of 5);

persistence: +4
problem solving: +4
referring to self in third person: +3
eyebrows: +5
keeping old website up to date: -2
biceps: +1
resistance to sunlight: -1

I am incredibly passionate about illustration. Particularly cartoons and narrative.

I send my deepest apologies if you've read up to this point.